Uv Fade Protection

UV Fade Protection

Commonly people are interested in protecting their valuable furnishings from the damage caused by sunlight. Fading and deterioration of your expensive furnishings is a complex phenomenon. It is commonly believed that Ultra-Violet light is the sole cause of this damage. However other factors are tangibly involved and if ignored will continue to damage your valuable assets.

In addition to U/V (Ultra -Violet light), white light and heat are the two other major contributors to sun damage. There are some other minor contributors including artificial lighting, humidity, chemical exposure and natural oxidisation, but these factors are minor and generally less noticeable.

When considering the relative damage that each of these components causes, we can only talk in general terms, as every item has it’s own signature, in terms of it’s susceptibility to sun damage. Our experience tells us that wood, for instance, is more susceptible to heat damage than manufactured products. The drying, twisting, shrinking and splitting of timber is caused by heat and U/V. Therefore, although specific items may react differently, the following is a very good “rule of thumb”.

U/V is the single biggest cause of sun damage, responsible for 50% to 60% of all the damage. White light and heat are responsible for approximately 20% each. The remainder is caused by the minor contributors, and is largely unavoidable but thankfully, so minor that it is usually unnoticeable.

Removing the U/V only, although a huge improvement, is only a step along the way towards protecting your furnishings. The removal of some white light and some solar heat is a very tangible improvement over removing U/V alone. In many cases, areas that suffer sun damage are also too bright and/or too hot. In these cases it’s a great opportunity to solve several problems at once. We can apply a Solar Control Film that removes the U/V, moderates the light and limits the heat. You can’ t have the ultimate protection without a slight amount of tinting. The very best protection is afforded with the removal of the U/V, and having a light tint. This material will be barely discernible from inside or out.