Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the damage to my carpet and furnishings?

50 – 60% of damage is caused by UV rays
15 – 20% by heat
15 – 20% by white light (daylight)

The remainder is a combination of environmental factors;
humidity, artificial lighting, chemical exposure, natural oxidisation, wear and tear etc.

How long will my window film last?

With due care, your film will look great indefinitely. Our Film Suppliers guarantee their products for a minimum of five years, and in some cases window film carries a lifetime guarantee.

Does window film need to be dark to protect my furnishings?

No. Only a fraction of tangible light needs to be removed to greatly enhance the protection to your interior.

My windows are double-glazed. Can I have film applied to these?

Certainly. There are some restrictions but tinting doubled glazed units is no problem.

Can I clean windows with film like I clean glass?

Window film is easier to clean than glass, as it doesn’t streak. Just a little dishwashing detergent in water is all you need.

The film I see on commercial buildings is either really dark or mirrored, is this what my house will look like?

Only if you want it to. Commercial grades of film are designed to reflect high amounts of heat and reduce glare in working environments. Most domestic films are very subtle to give protection to your interior while making minimal impact on your aesthetics. The choice is yours.

What happens if I damage my film or break a window?

It is no problem to remove damaged film from the glass and replace it. New windows can be matched to existing ones easily.

I have older windows that aren’t safety glass. Can you help?

Certainly. We have a range of clear and tinted safety/security films to strengthen existing glass against human impact, vandalism and theft.

I have glass that I want to obscure completely. What can you do?

We have access to a full range sand blast effect films, patterned films and coloured vinyls to provide privacy, match or enhance existing colours or totally obscure glass to suit your needs.

My glass is already tinted. Can window film help?

There are some restrictions on what film can be applied to tinted glass but we can still remove U/V and substantially reduce your incoming heat and glare.

I want to improve the privacy of my street-facing windows. Is window film for me?

Privacy is greatly dependent on your lighting situation and window layout. Our consultant can give you good advice on how much privacy can be achieved while maintaining the natural appearance of your home.

I only want to tint some of my windows. Will this look out of out of place?

No. If you look at the front of most homes, there are no two rooms that look the same. In fact usually no two panes look the same. Different window aspects, coverings, room colours and interior lighting makes them appear quite different anyway. Film doesn’t tend to make them any more different than they are already.

If for any reason I want to remove my window film, can you do it?

Yes we can. We can remove old, damaged or unwanted film to return your glass to its original state.

I’ve seen some film that looks terrible. Why is that?

Window film is a totally visual item and the eye is a hard taskmaster. Just like paint, carpet or anything else that has colour, window film is constantly open to close scrutiny. A really old, poorly applied or badly maintained job will show it’s bad side. Additionally some jobs are more than 30 years old. Solar Film was not nearly as good 30 years ago as it is today. Ask yourself this. For the occasional bad job you notice, how many great jobs have you missed because you think they are tinted glass? Bare in mind we apply 5 – 6 thousand square meters of film in and around Christchurch every year. That’s a lot of great jobs!

How much does solar window film cost?

The cost is dependant on the total size of the job, window frame type, accessibility, location, actual pane sizes (we have to fit these into our material sizes) etc. It is difficult to make a meaningful estimate by phone. We prefer to visit the site and see the job. This allows us to give an accurate and fixed price. It also gives our client a chance to see a range of appropriate materials to choose from.