Anti-graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film

Solar Control Ltd has clear, sacrificial anti graffiti film. This film is invisible when applied and protects glass from unsightly and expensive “etching” type vandalism, which has become so prevalent.

The material was born in the subways of the big American cities. The problem of “etched” (vandalized) glass in subway and train carriages was enormous. This material was developed to provide an economically sound solution to a multi million-dollar problem. It is now available for application to any glass exposed to vandalism. Shop fronts, commercial and domestic buildings, cars, trucks, buses, trains are all targets for etching and the cost of replacing glass is huge.

Don’t replace the glass. Remove and replace the Anti Graffiti Film instead. As a bonus, in an all out attack where the glass is smashed, the film will largely hold the glass together. This will make the clean up easier, reduce other damage from flying shards, and may even prevent access by the attacker.