Safety Film

Safety Film

Flying glass from a broken window can cause serious injury. Safety film will hold the glass in one piece, and help prevent such injuries. Whether you are worried about your child's safety at home, or face the potential liability of injured employees or clients at your business, safety film will give you added peace of mind.

Our transparent, high-efficiency micro-thin fiber bonds to glass with a specially formulated adhesive. Glass and film will virtually become one, creating a barrier inside your window, helping contain flying glass shards, in the event the windows are broken.

Safety Film for Security

In addition, thicker safety films can help fight against a burglar's most precious commodity; time. Designed to significantly slow down or even in some cases prevent intruders from gaining access through storefronts. Safety films offer protection from malicious attack and accidental body impact breakage.

Safety films were developed to stop the personal injuries caused by flying glass in the hurricane belt of the USA. It was then taken to the world’s trouble spots where flying glass caused by bombings was injuring and killing more people than the blasts themselves. So effective is the product that the United States Government has now fitted safety film to government buildings without safety glass, both at home and abroad.

Wide Range of Safety Film Products

Solar Control Ltd has the full range of safety film products. At home, a cricket or soccer ball coming through the lounge window has the same outcome as a toddler falling through a ranch slider… disaster! Safety film will avert disaster by holding the broken shards together and keeping the sharp edges retained.

At the office or the shop, malicious attackers are denied entry, or at the very minimum have entry delayed. This allows time for alarms to be responded to and virtually precludes “smash and grab”. For schools, preschools, pool areas, renovated bathrooms, and public buildings, Solar Control Ltd are able to fit materials that comply with AS/NZS2208 1996 Safety Glazing Materials In Buildings. As a bonus there is range of safety solar films. These materials combine the physical properties of safety film with the solar/visual properties of solar film.