Automotive Window Tinting

Servicing Christchurch - Since 1967

We are able to tint your car to the highest possible standard with the very best quality tint film. The following is a brief outline of the relevant issues.

The Law

The regulations regarding automotive window tinting changed on the 25th October 1999. The current rules allow the tinting of all vehicle windows, except the front screen. As a member of the International Window Film of Australasia Association (IWFAA) we know, respect and abide by the rules applicable to the tinting of automotive glass.

The Law and your vehicle

Sedans, Hatchbacks, Station-wagons and Coupes (all vehicles of type MA) are all covered by the same rules. Any tinting to the front screen below the fitted sun visors is illegal. All other windows may be tinted to a level allowing not less than 35% visible light transmission (VLT). This includes the load area of Station wagons.

All vehicles other than that type MA are allowed the front doors to be tinted to a level allowing not less than 35% VLT. Any density of tint behind the driver is acceptable on non-MA type vehicles. The law states that reflective film that is "sufficient to dazzle other road users" is illegal. Any tinting other than above is illegal.

Compliance Stickers

As a member of the IWFAA, Solar Control Ltd is authorised to apply VLT compliance stickers to work it carries out.

Your Car

We tint all manner of cars from the finest Italian sports cars, through to the tradesman’s work horse. We do the very best job we can on every car that comes in. However the quality, age, and cleanliness of the vehicle all have an impact on the final result.

Your car needs to be in working order. We cannot tint windup windows that do not work. We cannot tint cars with broken or faulty switches or window parts.

Tinting your car may involve the removal of interior trim, door liners, parcel trays, rear seats and any other parts that restrict access. All stickers and labels will be removed from the inside and outside of the side windows and rear screen.

It is common to need a return visit to us a few days after installation. This allows us to make final adjustments to the tint once it has dried. This only takes a few minutes and is a "while you wait" job at no additional charge.

Booking your job

You need to book your job in. The tinting of a vehicle takes most of a day and th erefore cannot be done off the cuff. Booking is best done by phone. You are welcome to visit our workshop but it pays to call first as when we are tinting buildings we are not in. However the telephone is always answered on (03) 365-0595.

Health & Safety

Our health and safety rules do not allow customers to remain in the workshop while we work on their vehicles.