Frequently Asked Questions

I keep hearing different stories. Can I have my car tinted?

Yes you can. The rules governing automotive tinting are varied depending on exactly what type of vehicle you have. “ Contact Us” to have your questions answered.

I can buy cheap film for my car from accessory shops. Why should I get it tinted by Solar Control

At Solar Control Ltd. you will receive only the highest quality film. It will be legal for your type of vehicle and our application will be as good as your car allows. If you buy “cheap” film, can’t make it work and then have to come to us, your “cheap” job isn’t going to be “cheap”. In addition it will be impossible for you to do as good a job as a professional.

I have some film of my own. Will you put it on for me?

No. The films available in the retail market are of a poor quality and we are unable to match their colour if we should need more than you supply. Therefore we only use our own tint film.

Why does my friend’s film look darker than mine?

There are several reasons. The more glass area – the lighter the appearance. A dark coloured interior will enhance the density of your film. Most modern cars have various amounts of colour in the glass already.

My friend has tinted the sides of my car, but the rear screen is really hard. Will you tint my back window only?

No. The rear screen of most cars involves as much, if not more time, effort and skill than the entire rest of the vehicle. We won’t subsidise backyard jobs that may not have legal film and won’t look terrific.

I’ve seen mirror film on rally cars on TV and round town. It looks great. Can I have the same?

No. The automotive glazing legislation prohibits any reflective film, or anything that can dazzle or annoy other motorists.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the vehicle. We can give you an estimate by phone or e-mail or you can visit our workshop.

Where is Solar Control Ltd. located and what are your hours?

Solar Control Ltd. is located at 41 Sandyford St, Sydenham, Christchurch. We are open 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday. However when we are working on buildings we are not in our workshop. Therefore, if you want to visit us, please phone 03 365 0595 first to make sure someone is in to help you. If you happen to be going past, feel free to drop in. Our phone is always answered during business hours.