Heat Control

Excessive heat build up in sunny areas is caused by solar infra-red passing through your windows, heating floors, walls, and furnishings, and in turn, heating the air.

It is a problem common to conservatories, box and bay windows, glassy office spaces, and areas with floor to ceiling windows.

Particularly bad are areas where you are obliged to stay in the heat, and possibly the direct sun, such as in office spaces.

Additionally, solar infra-red is a significant contributor to fading and general sun damage.

Excessive solar heat build up can be effectively controlled by the application of solar film.

Solar films can selectively remove parts of the light spectrum, in this case, infra-red.

Solar Control Ltd has a range of materials designed for this purpose allowing you to choose the level of solar heat rejection. In an office, where you sit at a window all day, it may be extreme. In your bay window at home, it may be quite mild.

One benefit of solar film is that while reducing the solar heat, you are maintaining the view.

Pull up the blind, open the drapes, and enjoy a light airy view without the heat.